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Sara Giovarruscio is the passionate founder and sole editor of Protegoterra, a knowledge platform dedicated to empowering people to take action on climate change & sustainability.

Sara is a chemical engineer with an Executive MBA degree and more than 15 years of working experience in sustainability, renewable energy, and risk management.

Born and raised in Italy, she now lives in Sydney (Australia) with her family and assists clients in developing and implementing sustainability strategies, including climate action plans & renewable energy strategies.

Her enthusiasm for creating sustainable value is infectious, as is the positivity when she talks about the challenges (e.g., climate change, rising inequalities) we face and how we can solve them.

CoP 31 Base Camp: high-level discussion bringing together more than 200 changemakers from across Australia and the Pacific.

“I have joined incredible leaders and practitioners from businesses, NGOs, local communities, Aboriginal, Torres Strait and Pacific leaders to shape the vision for COP31. The vision? Shaping an Australian & Pacific’s CoP to accelerate progress on climate, nature and justice.” The report is available on the Impact X website.

*November 2023*


Practical Utopias
The Practical Utopias fellowship

I’m proud to have been selected as a Fellow in Practical Utopias: An Exploration of the Possible, led by the legendary Margaret Atwood! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and collaborate with 200 changemakers from around the globe to unlock practical solutions to some of humanity’s biggest challenges.

*September to November 2022 *


Climate Reality
Some of the high-impact Climate Reality Leaders at the IACCawards.

“We didn’t go home with an award – this time! But we went home energised for continued climate action” – Ciaran McCormack.
From left to right (back): T. Boatman, A. Best, E. Brodie, S. Giovarruscio, K. Sridhar, R. Sexton; (front) C. McCormack, O. Pang, P. Berrutti.

* August 2022 *

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change as a Development Agenda

“I am humbled to be part of the 900 changemakers who joined the UN course “to foster a network of people who will champion climate action in their communities, multiplying the efforts and raising awareness about climate change.”

* May to June 2022 *

Powering Wentworth to net zero
Protegoterra @ the first Climate Summit in Bondi

*November 2022*

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.

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